Hair check-in!

I’ve been growing my hair out to donate for the past…dunno…6 months? And it’s finally at 8 inches! I think I’ll be making the big cut next month!

The salon that I’ve chosen to donate to, 360 Hair in British Columbia, make their own wigs for children that have lost theirs due to their treatments.

Their minimum length is 6 inches and they take colored and treated hair as well! I highly recommend considering a donation if you’ve been thinking about a bob or changing it up…hey, we grow it for free!

It’s been an interesting experience for me, I’ve had a few people tell me I should cut it because it looks bad, and it’s really made me reconsider how I view myself, looks, and how much that all matters in the end. I’m thankful I did this and I’m so grateful that I could help someone else through this as well 🙂

I was inspired to do this by my friend @imbrogram who is an incredibly kind, generous, and thoughtful person! An everyday superhero 🙂