Charlotte Cho and “The Little Book of Skin Care”

I had the chance to have dinner with the amazing Charlotte Cho! She was in Toronto for a book signing for her guide to Korean beauty, “The Little Book of Skin Care”.

I met Charlotte last year in New York while I was attending a cosmetic science conference and a book signing for Kerry and Coco’s book, “Korean Beauty Secrets”. We became quick friends, but she had to jet to Seoul the next day, so our hangout was quite short.

We had an awesome meal at Patois, which is a Jamaican-Chinese fusion restaurant! We were also joined by Charlotte’s friends, Marie and Hannah – who are writers at XoJane and XoVain!

We had a couple too many teapots of ‘Dutty Wine’…and I definitely felt it this morning. We did have a chance to discuss some business, and I’ll be contributing some guest posts on The Klog, the first will be a series on cleansers!

In any case, if you’re getting into the world of K-Beauty or know someone who is I’d recommend both books as a great resource! They’re both very well written and provide a good insight into the lifestyle and skin care products of South Korea.