#BeautyRecap: May 14th, 2019

Products and Reviews

A look at Kylie Jenner’s upcoming KylieSkin skincare line
Allure.com, TeenVogue.com, TeenVogue.com, PopSugar.com, Elle.com

Reviews of the Fenty’s Vivid Liquid Liner

Abercrombie & Fitch to sell CBD lotions and bath bomb

Glossier’s Supers Serums launching in a larger size

A look at the Too Faced Glowver Puppy Highlighter Palette

Glamour beauty editors recommend their favourite Maybelline mascaras

Skincare and Beauty

17 beauty icons share the best advice from their moms

“8 beauty lessons we learned from the mother figures in our lives”


“What Kitao’s matcha skin-care line taught [Devon Abelman] about Japanese Beauty”

Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian shares advice on treating butt acne

“I’m pregnant, I didn’t change my beauty routine, and the mom guilt is real”

6 things I learned when I let Beyoncé’s colorist Rita Hazan dye my virgin hair

“The Jet Peel facial is like a car wash for your face and I’ve never looked more hydrated”

A look at Gucci Beauty’s new lipsticks

A look at Bond No. 9’s nude lipstick collection

Retailers, Brands, and Trends

How Dr. Bronner’s became a touchstone of wellness culture

“‘Warpaint: Makeup for men’ beautifully highlights the fragility of masculinity”
Vice.com, Glamour.com. Allure.com, Elle.com

Beiersdorf AG agrees to buy Bayer AG’s Coppertone brand of suncare products for $550 million USD

Schick’s owner Edgewell acquires Harry’s $1.37 billion USD
Columbian.com, SeekingAlpha.com

“P&G’s stock could slip as rival razor makers combine”

L’Occitane partners with Loop for 100% sustainable plastics pledge

Naa-Sakle Akuete founder of Eu’Genia Shea

The reaction to Gucci’s ad doesn’t surprise me – I grew up with ‘bad teeth’

Kevin Murphy to use recycled ocean plastic in its packaging

Celebrities and Interviews

“The drama between beauty Youtubers Tati Westbrook and James Charles, explained”
Allure.com, Elle.com

Venus Williams is now an investor in and chief brand officer of self-care brand Asutra

Kendall Jenner files a trademark for potentially a beauty line
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Cardi B talks about a potential beauty line
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Priyanka Chopra is the new face of Obagi Skin Care
Allure.com, Elle.com, Allure.com

How Lilly Singh got ready for the 2019 Met Gala

Mexican architect Escobedo talks about her latest collaboration with Aesop and her beauty routine

Hilary Duff’s makeup artist Denise Madrigal shares her go-to concealer for pregnancy pimples

Boxed CEO on fighting the pink tax, doing the right thing and going public

Research and Technology

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