#BeautyRecap: January 8th, 2019

Products and Reviews

L’Oreal, La Roche Posay announce wearable microfluidic skin pH sensor
PRNewswire, Allure

Lady Gaga quietly launches website for beauty brand Haus Beauty
Elle, W Magazine

Fenty Beauty launching Pro Filt’r Concealer in 50 shades
Allure, Teen Vogue, Glamour

Morphe launches Fluidity Base Makeup Collection with 60 foundation shades, 31 concealer shades, and 15 setting powder shades

Lush Cosmetics launches emoji shaped bath bombs, including eggplant

Wet ‘n Wild launches Pump, a makeup and skincare line for the gym
Allure, Teen Vogue

Neutrogena previews custom 3D-printed face masks, MaskiD, at Consumer Electronics Show
Allure, PR Newswire

Pāmu signs deal to supply deer milk to South Korea company Yuhan

Innisfree announces Toy Story makeup and skincare collaboration with Disney
Hello Giggles

Tatcha launches Violet-C Brightening Serum

A look at Dove’s new 0% Aluminum Deodorant

Lee Dong-Wook is the face of Chanel’s makeup “for men”

BECCA launches Lunar New Year Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pig

Beijing’s Palace Museum halts cosmetic production after complaints of poor quality

A look at the best Filipino beauty collaborations of 2018

A review of the Chantecaille Bamboo & Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream

Glow Recipe founders launch mass market brand Sweet Chef at Target

5 Canadian brands making green beauty

Clorox’s Burt’s Bees partners with P&G to make toothpastes

Michelle Lee and Renée Chow share their Korean beauty product recommendations for mature skin

Allure’s selection of best new skincare launches coming in January, 2019

Allure’s selection of best new makeup launches coming in January, 2019

Glamour’s selection of best new skincare launches coming in January, 2019

Glamour’s selection of best new makeup launches coming in January, 2019

Glamour’s selection of best new hair product launches coming in January, 2019

Elle recommends 19 hair oils

8 dermatologist-recommended face masks for beating acne

“9 goth-themed palettes for eye makeup as dark as your soul”

Amazon’s best-selling beauty products in 2018
Teen Vogue

Ulta’s best-selling beauty products in 2018
Teen Vogue

Mario Badescu Skincare to be carried at Sephora

Retailers, Brands, and Trends

“Inside Love Beauty and Planet’s plan to become a lifestyle brand”

TABS beauty consumer survey finds women relying less on social media for makeup-buying decisions
Cosmetics Design

Cosmetics Europe launches preservatives quiz to help educate consumers
Cosmetics Europe

Japan’s cosmetics exports head for sixth straight annual record

Personal Care Products Council’s head of global strategies says a revised cosmetics framework law could be enacted in China in 2019
Pharma Intelligence

“Cosmetics industry mobilizes to stop preservatives die-off”
Pharma Intelligence

“Cosmetics: A beautiful waste”

“8 makeup brands that are fighting plastic packaging”

EU committee publishes opinion on salicylic acid in cosmetics
European Commission

“Why microbeads are such a threat and why they’re so hard to handle”
Science X

“China’s ‘Facebook of cosmetic surgery’ faces an uncertain future”
China Economic Review

“The rise of effeminate men in China is fueling the beauty industry in the country”

Kylie Jenner attempts to get trademark infringement lawsuit ‘thrown out’

“Irish men and women shell out €9 million on grooming and cosmetics every single day – supporting 30,000 jobs”
The Sun Ireland

A look at the changes with Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program for 2019

Skincare and Beauty

“The myth of high-maintenance beauty”

“How to grow your natural hair”
Teen Vogue

“How often should you get a facial done?”

Jennifer MacGregor wants to make dermatology a better experience for transgender patients

13 natural hairstyles from Afropunk Johannesburg to try now
Teen Vogue

“I tried DIY eyelash extensions for a month and mascara is dead to me now”

Celebrities and Interviews

“The red carpet is just one big makeup ad”

Doctors predict the biggest 2019 beauty breakthroughs
New Beauty

Celebrity hair and makeup looks from the Golden Globes 2019
Glamour, Teen Vogue, Elle, Allure

Korean pop stars including JooE, Hyelin, Rocky, JiU, Shownu, Tiffany Young, Sanha, and Chun Ha share their beauty tips

An interview with Rosa Mendendez and Lorena Acevedo, makeup artists to eSports stars

Alexis Stone pretended to have extreme plastic surgery for 3 months to launch a sheetmask
Allure, Reddit

How Japan’s most prominent geisha was the original beauty influencer
Dazed Beauty

Proactiv hires Kendell Jenner as latest spokesperson
Teen Vogue, Vogue, Glamour

An interview with RMS founder, Rose-Marie Swift on challenging the beauty industry

“Bobbi Brown started a beauty empire with just one (revolutionary) lipstick”

How It Cosmetics co-founder Jamie Kern Lima went from news anchor to beauty mogul

Covergirl unveils Sangita Patel as the Canadian spokesperson for its Simply Ageless Collection

An interview with model Danielle Herrington about beauty and skincare
W Magazine

“I spend $2,116 on my beauty routine, but only $12 on my skin”, Quinta Brunson

Research and Technology

The impact of stress on epidermal barrier function — an evidence‐based review
British Journal of Dermatology

A side‐effect of masculinizing hormonal therapy
British Journal of Dermatology

Early laser intervention for improved appearance of surgical scars
British Journal of Dermatology

Do airline pilots and cabin crew have raised risks of melanoma and other skin cancers? Systematic review and meta-analysis
British Journal of Dermatology

The clearance effect of tetrahedral DNA nanostructures on senescent human dermal fibroblasts
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Age-related loss of innate immune antimicrobial function of dermal fat is mediated by transforming growth factor beta
Cell Immunity

Keratinocytic malfunction as a trigger for the development of solar lentigines

Comparison of wiping methods for the removal of cleaning agent residue from hair follicles
Skin Research and Technology

Quantitative cosmetic evaluation of long‐lasting foundation using multispectral imaging
Skin Research and Technology

Tattoos and skin barrier function: Measurements of TEWL, stratum corneum conductance and capacitance, pH, and filaggrin
Skin Research and Technology

Gradient‐based 3D skin roughness rendering from an in‐vivo skin image for dynamic haptic palpation
Skin Research and Technology

Anatomical site variation of water content in human skin measured by the Epsilon: A pilot study
Skin Research and Technology

Gender and age‐related differences in facial sebaceous glands in Asian skin, as observed by non‐invasive analysis using three‐dimensional ultrasound microscopy
Skin Research and Technology

Early fractional carbon dioxide laser intervention for postsurgical scars in skin of color
Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology

Gas chromatographic–mass spectrometric analysis of sunscreens and their effects on mice liver and kidney enzyme function
Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology

Incidence rate of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma is rapidly increasing in Akita Prefecture: Urgent alert for super‐aged society
The Journal of Dermatology

Sterol‐standardized phytopharmaceutical from ground cherry: Corticoid‐like properties on human keratinocytes and fibroblasts and its effects in a randomized double‐blind placebo‐controlled clinical trial
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

No effect of Turkish bath (Hammam) on sunburn after exposure to natural ultraviolet radiation: A randomized controlled blinded trial
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Brightening and improvement of facial skin quality in healthy female subjects with moderate hyperpigmentation or dark spots and moderate facial aging
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of cannabinoids in the dermatology community
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Evaluation, prevention, and management of acne scars: Issues, strategies, and enhanced outcomes
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Over-the-counter hair loss treatments: Help or hype?
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Retinoids in acne management: Review of current understanding, future considerations, and focus on topical treatments
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

Botulinum toxin blocks mast cells and prevents rosacea like inflammation
Journal of Dermatological Science

Percutaneous permeability of 1-phenoxy-2-propanol, a preservative in cosmetics
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology

Single cell analyses reveal specific distribution of anti‐bacterial molecule Perforin‐2 in human skin and its modulation by wounding and Staphylococcus aureus infection
Experimental Dermatology

Off-label use of topical minoxidil in alopecia: A review
American Journal of Clinical Dermatology

The effect of lipopolysaccharide-containing moisturizing cream on skin care in patients with mild atopic dermatitis
In Vivo

Complications of laser and light-based devices therapy in patients with skin of color
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology

Methods to overcome poor responses and challenges of laser hair removal in dark skin
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology

A randomized, open-label, comparative study of oral tranexamic acid and tranexamic acid microinjections in patients with melasma
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology

Modulation of skin inflammatory response by active components of silymarin