A second skin made from silicone!


This was in the news last month and was heralded as a “second skin” that could make you look 20 years younger.

As you can see the effects are quite dramatic!



Here’s how it works:

First a layer of reactive silicone is spread thinly on the skin, then a second solution containing a platinum catalyst is applied. A chemical reaction (hydrosilylation) occurs crosslinking the silicone forming a cohesive network which compresses the skin. The network is also very elastic (stretching up to 250%), lasts up to 16 hours, and is waterproof.

The technology can then be further enhanced by embedding active ingredients into it, which may provide longer term benefits to the skin.

This specific composition was chosen because it reflected light like healthy skin, so it’s invisible once applied and dried.

The research was performed at MIT through a joint effort with Living Proof and their new spin-off Olivo Labs  – which will commercialize the product.

Yu B, Kang SY, Akthakul A, et al. An elastic second skin. Nat Mater. 2016